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We take special care in disinfecting all of our tools before we scoop your yard. Using our three step disinfection process we eliminate the risk of passing any bacteria or viruses from yard to yard, ensuring the health of your pets.

-We clean all year round! Meaning you can enjoy a poo free environment season to season.


-There is no need to be home during your services.


-Aggressive dogs are required to remain locked up in kennels or indoors when we come to clean, if this applies to you we will explain all of the details on your first visit. If you have any questions call and let us know!


-We do not have contracts. You may pause, cancel or change your services anytime.


-Our prices are based on an average yard size of 2,500 square feet. If your yard is larger than 2,500 square feet a small fee will apply to the excess square footage. If the yard "looks average" we will not measure.


-Your initial cleaning may come at a higher cost if the yard has not been tended to for some time.


-We do work all winter, BUT if there is a snowfall of 1" or more the day before OR on your service day we will postpone cleaning. If the snow does not melt enough or it snows again we may need to skip those visits and come on your next scheduled day.


-You will be contacted via email anytime services are postponed or cancelled.


-We pride ourselves in finding all the poop at your visits. Our scooping grid method ensures that we visualize the entire space twice. But if for some reason you are ever unsatisfied with a particular scoop, we will return the same day and redo your visit. If we cannot return you will not be charged for that service.


-We encourage all of our customers to allow their dogs to be present for services if they are friendly. This ensures a seamless service and creates the least amount of disruption in your daily life. We enjoy throwing toys for the dogs and creating a bond with them during our visits, it's what makes this job so great!


-If you need clarification on any of these policies please let us know. Not all policies have been listed. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask!


We do not require pre-payments on our services like many other pooper scooper companies do. We have multiple payment options and only charge after your services have been rendered. 

     INVOICED BILLING: All manual pay invoices are sent via email on the last day of every month. Invoices include all visits completed during the month and are due in 10 days. These invoices can be paid with a check by mail or by visiting our "Bill Payments" page on our website. Manual payments are subject to late fees.

    AUTOMATIC BILLING: Automatic payments are convenient! Automatic payments can be setup to occur once per month, after each visit, on a weekly basis or bi-weekly basis. 

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